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T shirt printing is specialized in high quality t shirt printing used as uniform for business or law enforcement organizations. With over 20 years in printing business, you can rest assured, we will make your t shirt printing easy and fun. We offer best quality 100% cotton shirts for maximum comfort and durability at lowest online prices.  Need to print invoices? call our sister company at 1-800-370-5591
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Friday, May 15, 2009

shahin samaei

Open any mail and you see same old businesses are calling themselves green, How is it possible to become green without changing the way you do business. The only way a business will go green is if they find it profitable or be affraid of losing clients and money, So the government needs to treat this issue with a praise & punishment attitute.

4:11 pm edt 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

online invoice printing
I am not sure what will happed to this economy, but it is sure nice to see companies are still growing in the face of the difficult times, i was watching the web sites that I do business with & one in particular http;//www.printit4less.com has been redoing thir website & has been improving their services for printing invoice forms. A lesson for the competition: do not give up.
6:26 pm edt 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

going green
What does going green mean to people, recently I found out that one of my suppliers changed the color of their name imprint on their boxes to the color ink. Nothing else has cahnged, just the image. Being disapointed is to say the least. I contacted my Invoice printing company & they told me that the same thing is happening to their industry. What a shame, perhaps some government oversite would be useful?
4:44 pm est 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Invoice Forms
Printit4less.com has a new service, they will print your own invoice form design, go on google or yahoo and down load or design any invoice template, send it to them and they will print it for you on 2 or 3 part carbonless paper. They will even number them for you for a small fee.
3:12 pm est 

Monday, January 26, 2009

Invoice it & Save it.

Invoice all your jobs & keep a copy, I recently read an article about a company who had to shut their door, due to a flood, that damaged all the computers & the back ups did not work. So I say it again get all your custom invoice forms from www.printit4less.com. By the way that company was a Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning company "HVAC".

9:09 am est 

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